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Difene over the counter, they found, can be used for other serious problems. "Although we don't have any hard evidence on the overall safety of these compounds, they also appear to potentially cause other harms than pregnancy loss such as stroke and blood clotting disorders," said lead author Dr. Steven Hyman, the chair of department family and community medicine at Brigham Women's Hospital. "We need to know more." If not handled correctly, it also may cause problems in breastfeeding, said the researchers, mainly because hormone can suppress the production of proteins that help breast milk support the baby's digestive system, and mother's. They noted that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that each year there are 11,100 pregnancies ended by abortions, 7,460 spontaneous abortion and 6,780 by miscarriage. They found that the study included about 3,000 women during the first trimester of their pregnancy, when many women are trying to conceive, and found an overall 3.9% rate of birth defects in the mothers of these aborted fetuses, most them severe. They noted that this includes most miscarriages, which are much more common than abortions. Researchers found that the levels of bisphenol A were highest in the and lowest quartiles of samples, but not in one lower third. They noted that the women taking chemical at first prenatal visit in the study were almost never tested in the lab during pregnancy for chemical, which is not considered a safe level in food. In two studies of a similar substance known as bisphenol A, published in December Current Contraception, researchers found that even very young children exposed to amounts less than 1% of the acceptable range in their diet were still developing at a rate that was less than found after exposure to 2.5%. "The low levels suggested to us that in addition the effect on fertility they may also have effects on brain development in children," said lead author Sarah B. Kudenchuk, a professor of reproductive endocrinology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. She said there are two additional potential side effects of bisphenol A, which she also added cannot be measured in this study because the levels weren't determined. One is the creation of "endometriosis," which can be caused after exposure during pregnancy or in early fetal development. Another is reproductive disorders, including breast and ovarian cancer, infertility abnormal development of the ovaries or thyroid gland. The journal article, published in British Medical Journal, is a small one, however. The results "are more suggestive than definitive," said Jonathan Jaffe, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Toronto who was not involved with the research. Jaffe said he thought the study showed "how incredibly Buying clomid online in uk widespread this substance is in the environment." Some medical organizations recommend against taking bisphenol A, which is often used as an alternative to bisphenol A in some canned foods. And doctors have added it to their "do not prescribe" list, saying it may increase the risk of miscarriages. Hyman and his colleagues say those concerns are far-fetched, although some studies have shown that those exposed to bisphenol A while pregnant can have lower IQs, and possibly even develop psychiatric problems as well. The Harvard researchers say exposure should be discussed with patients before a pregnancy because one out of 10 all pregnancies ends in a stillbirth, and pregnant mother can be exposed to it during the first trimester. "People need to know they're pregnant. This would be the perfect time to raise bar and test the water," said Kudenchuk. Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again later Invalid Email A MAN whose body was found inside a cupboard under wall in Manchester was a long-standing landlord of the property. The body of 45-year-old Kevin Lomax was found in a cupboard under roof at St David's Church of England primary school on Friday. Teachers found blood in the cupboard and called police but it later emerged that he had lived at this property since 2006. Following an investigation, ex-landlord revealed the discovery to officers. Lomax was a long-term tenant whose surname was not available. An earlier request from the MEN was refused by police because the man wasn't identified. Officers from the Major Crime and Enquiry Command searched three properties at the premises in Broadwater Road, Bootle, at 3.45am on Friday. The search of a third address involved officers entering through a bedroom and toilet. No-one was found while the search.

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